Get involved in the #MyIssueToo Campaign! 

Take a look below at some of the ways in which you - yes YOU - can become a part of the #MyIssueToo Campaign


Submit a Photo!

Step 1: Take a picture of yourself holding a sign with the following on it: “FGM is #MyIssueToo” Underneath, write your name + the Town/City/State the picture was taken in.

Step 2: Email your picture to using the subject line: " #MyIssueToo photo " 

You can also Facebook message us by simply ‘Messaging’ us on Facebook to send us your picture or TAG US on Twitter/Facebook along with using the #MyIssueToo hashtag!


Submit a video!

Step 1: We are making a video of all our campaign submissions! You can either record yourself saying a line from our script or by simply saying our tagline: “FGM is My Issue too!”

Click here for the video script.

Click here for some simple video guidelines.

Step 2: Send your video clip to us using the email address via WeTransfer, Gdrive or dropbox